Miscellaneous Projects

These are examples of small projects that I did for school, or quick logos that I made for local businesses.

infographic school project mockup


This was an infographic that I designed and executed in one of my first computer graphics classes at Purdue. Using Adobe Illustrator, my classmates and I had to research a topic and determine the best way to convey the information in a visual format. One of the other goals of the project was to learn how to make our own icons.

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logo school project mockup

Q-it Logo

In one of my entrepreneurship classes, my team and I had to come up with a business idea, create a business plan, and give a pitch to investors. I designed a logo for our business as an easy way for us to appear more credible. The business idea we came up with was an app (called Q-It) for friends to queue music remotely on their individual phones while playing music from a single device.

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etter's logo mockup

Etter's Golf Center Logo

I created this logo for a family friend who runs a driving range. At the time, he didn't have a digital logo, only one that was printed on a sheet of paper. I gave his old logo a redesign and delivered a digital file to him so he could use it online.

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gold medal archery logo mockup

Gold Medal Archery Logo

This was a logo I made for a local archery range in Cincinnati, Ohio. The client already had the idea for what she wanted the logo to look like, and I made it a reality using Adobe Illustrator.

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